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Put Your Best Foot Forward

Most of us will be called upon at some time in life to speak to one or more groups - business settings, social gatherings, family celebrations, and for other audiences. We all want to "shine" when we are in the spotlight, and preparing an engaging speech/presentation is the best way to make that happen. Whether you need short speech or a full-business presentation that includes a PowerPoint or other visual aid, help is not far away. 

Clearly, for Dr. Edmonds to have achieved worldwide recognition as a renown engaging speaker and educator he has had to be very creative and has written "knock-it-out-off-the-park" speeches/presentations, Dr. Edmonds has taught hundreds of others how to successfully write and prepare a wide variety of oral presentations. He can help YOU when needed, too.

Below, we have included a grid of basic kinds of speeches Dr. Edmonds can write for you (and then YOU can "tweak" the speech to fit your own needs. These speeches are NOT "canned" or "pre-prepared." EVERY speech is written for the individual after gathering a bit of information about the type of event, audience demographics, and other information that can contribute to a dynamic and successful presentation. 

Need some help? Simply shoot us an email with the length of the presentation and whether you need some sort of visual aid (or not) and we will reply within 24-48 hours with a fee schedule for that sort of speech. Of course, there is never an obligation when just gathering information.

[email protected]