Dr. Edmonds Offers a Wide Variety of Presentations

Available Sessions and Keynotes that Can Be Tailored to Echo or 

Introduce Your Organization’s Message

Applying and Communicating JEDI Principles 

Creating and Leading an Empathetic Culture

         GRIT and Resiliency: Cheating Death (Powerful Traits to Develop for ALL ages)"

         Awaken the Hidden Art: Effective Listening for Success in the Workplace

        Emergent Leaders: Why They Succeed When Others Fail

         Small Wins: Using Incremental Progress to Achieve Larger Goals

          Why YOUR Organization Should Always be Hiring, Even When You Have No Vacancies

           Diversity and Accessibility: The Hallmarks of an Inclusive Organization

          Serious Business: Embracing Employees with Disabilities

          Self-reliance: How I Survived Six Schools in Eight Years as a Child

        The Age of Entitlement: Students, Employees, and the Driver Next to You on the Road!

         Adapting to Life’s Curveballs: Coping with Unintended Consequences [light-hearted]

OR, have Dr. Edmonds design, develop, and deliver a presentation specifically for YOUR audience!!

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