Dr. Edmonds Offers a Wide Variety of Presentations

Immediately Available Sessions and Keynotes that Can Be Tailored to Echo or Introduce Your Organization’s Message

NEWEST Motivational! 

  • GRIT and Resiliency: Cheating Death (Powerful Traits to Develop for ALL ages)"
  • Awaken the Hidden Art: Effective Listening for Success in the Workplace
  • Emergent Leaders: Why They Succeed When Others Fail
  • Small Wins: Using Incremental Progress to Achieve Larger Goals
  • Why YOUR Organization Should Always be Hiring, Even When You Have No Vacancies
  • Diversity and Accessibility: The Hallmarks of an Inclusive Organization
  • Serious Business: Embracing Employees with Disabilities
  • Self-reliance: How I Survived Six Schools in Eight Years as a Child
  • The Leader’s Dynamic Duo: Setting/Maintaining Standards and Attention to Detail
  • The Leader's Dilemma: Hiring Can Bring Both Fresh Ideas but Recurring Headaches
  • The Age of Entitlement: Students, Employees, and the Driver Next to You on the Road!
  • Adapting to Life’s Curveballs: Coping with Unintended Consequences [light-hearted keynote]

OR, have Dr. Edmonds design, develop, and deliver a presentation specifically for YOUR audience!!

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