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About Dr. Edmonds

Dr. Edmonds began his public speaking career when he was a trainer in the private sector. From there, he returned to college to complete his B.A. in Human Communication, then his M.A. in Human Communication and, ultimately, his Doctorate in Adult Education/Leadership. As a "master teacher" of Communication, Dr. Edmonds has also been named Professor Emeritus in Communication at his major U.S. university. This educational background has served to expand his knowledge while helping him to build his renown around the globe.

Dr. Edmonds is also available to schedule 2- and 3-day workshops at YOUR location coving such areas as Public Speaking in Business, Interpersonal Communication, Intercultural Communication, and Leadership!

Imagine Finding Just the Right Presentation for 

YOUR Next Event!!

Whether your organization is seeking an educational or an entertaining presentation, Dr. Edmonds bring sthe right combination of knowledge, wit, and engagement to your event.

- Cost-effective

- Seasoned professional

Check on the availability of dates and speaking fees today.

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Dr. Larry Edmonds, Speaker/Educator