Dr. Larry Edmonds

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At the intersection of education and entertainment

Dr. Larry Edmonds is a respected and sought-after professional speaker as well as a multi-award-winning Emeritus and Honors Faculty member in Human Communication at Arizona State University, teaching Leadership, Gender and Communication, and Training and Development. 

Dr. Edmonds spend over two decades studying and teaching effective public speaking and oral presentations. He is also a well-known practitioner of effective communication, from speaking to listening. 

Larry speaks on a variety of important topics applicable to the workplace in most types of organizations (public sector, private sector, and the non-profit sector).

He is also known for interjecting a bit of humor in each of his presentations!

Recent Presentations:

  • Arizona Leading Age (2019) 
  • Global Listening Centre Conference (2019)
  • Corporate Event Marketing Association Summit 2019 

Edmonds is also the former Director, Education Innovation, Global Listening Centre, or GLC (nonprofit, London). His work at the university and with the GLC has led to a recent uptick in requests for his newest presentations titled, 

"GRIT and Resiliency: Preparing to Live Through a Near-death Experience"

"Awaken the Hidden Art: Effective Listening for Success in the Workplace"


"Diversity and Accessibility: The Hallmarks of an Inclusive Organization"

Your audience members surely expect to be both entertained AND educated in a 30-60-75-minute presentation (keynote and/or session). Dr. Edmonds brings his broad, well-rounded academic knowledge, his lived experiences, and his sense of humor to every keynote and every session he presents.

He has delighted audiences for two decades, which is why he is often asked to return to present on another topic for the same organization!

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EXACTLY the Speaker for YOUR Next Event