Dr. Larry Edmonds


Dr. Edmonds is a DEI (social Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) speaker and trainer who brings over two decades of keynote/conference speaking, speechwriting, consulting, training, and teaching, as well as multiple leadership awards, two outstanding teaching/training awards, and two fellowships to every project. He is forward-thinking and possesses deep acquired knowledge of curriculum writing and development, professional presentations/facilitation, including DEI theory and practice, and has authored educational materials for PearsonEd, SagePub, McGraw-Hill, and Wadsworth/Cengage. 

Add to those areas of expertise Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Intercultural/Cross-cultural Communication, Servant Leadership, and Intercultural Competence success principles and strategies, as well as  acuity in multicultural communication, coupled with effective servant leadership, and THAT'S a LOT of lifelong learning and development coming to your audience.

Dr. Edmonds brings your audience expertise from both the private and public sectors, giving him the ability to effectively teach/train AND to provide real-world examples and applications of what he tells and practices.

When the time comes for you and your organization to add to and enhance your Learning and Development program and/or to get your people up to speed on effective Diversity, Equity/Equality, and Inclusion, we would be delighted to hear from you and to block your tentative date(s), when available, for one or more projects at your location(s). We look forward to hearing from you as we fill our 2021, 2022 calendars, and beyond.

Of course, there is no obligation when you gather information. 

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At the intersection of education and entertainment

Dr. Edmonds is a respected and sought-after professional speaker as well as a multi-award-winning Emeritus/Honors professor at Arizona State University, teaching Leadership, Gender and Communication, Intercultural Communication, and Training/Learning and Development. 

Dr. Edmonds spent over two decades studying, teaching, and presenting effective public speaking and oral presentations. He is also a well-known practitioner of effective communication, from speaking to effective active listening in the workplace and other contexts. 

Larry speaks on a variety of interesting and entertaining topics applicable to the workplace in most types of organizations and he is known for interjecting a bit of humor in each of his presentations!

Coming Up Very Soon:

Keynote, National Association of Colleges and Employers

Keynote, National Association of Government Communicators

Recent and Upcoming Presentations:

  • California School Nurses Organization Annual Conference

  • Arizona Leading Age  
  • Corporate Event Marketing Association Summit 

  • National Association of Government Communicators

Edmonds is also the former Director, Education Innovation, Global Listening Centre (GLC) (nonprofit, London). His work at his university and with the GLC has led to a recent uptick in requests for his newest presentations: 

"GRIT and Resiliency: Cheating Death (Powerful Traits to Develop)"

"Awaken the Hidden Art: Effective Listening for Success in the Workplace"


"Serious Business: Embracing Employees Who are Differently-abled (disabled)"

Your audience members surely expect to be both entertained AND educated in a 30-60-75-minute presentation (keynote and/or session). Dr. Edmonds brings his broad, well-rounded academic knowledge, his lived experiences, and his sense of humor to every keynote and every session he presents.

He has delighted audiences for two decades, which is why he is often asked to return to present on another topic for the same organization!

Just the Speaker for YOUR Next Event

EXACTLY the Speaker for YOUR Next Event