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Dr. Larry Edmonds

Internationally Recognized  Keynote (Plenary) Speaker

Elevate the energy and audience engagement at your function!

One of Today's Most Exciting, Energetic, and Engaging Speakers

Now is the time to have Dr. Larry Edmonds speak LIVE to your organization to entertain and educate your audience. There is nothing quite like a live presentation and Dr. Edmonds livens audiences with energy and knowledge. 

Larry has been a practitioner of effective and empathetic leadership for over two decades while also teaching leadership and effective communication, which he employs in his presentations, at a major American university. He also brings expertise in full-spectrum DEI.

Dr. Edmonds brings your audience a 30-45-60-minute keynote address to kick off and/or close your program. Even if you have a multi-day conference/convention, Dr. Edmonds can be a welcome addition to your multi-day programming. 

For information of fee schedule and specific fate availability, please email us at:

[email protected]

We look forward to serving your organization.

Who Is Dr. Edmonds

Dr. Larry Edmonds is a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), Servant Leadership, and Business Acumen speaker and educator. Edmonds brings to every project over two decades of experience in keynote/conference speaking, speechwriting, consulting, training, and teaching, as well as multiple leadership awards, two outstanding teaching/training awards, and two fellowships. He is forward-thinking, witty, and possesses deep acquired knowledge of training curriculum, communication skills, and leadership/professional development, including DEI theory and practice.

Larry,, who earned his B.A. and M.A. in Human Communication and his doctorate in adult education/leadership, spent some twenty years studying, teaching, and presenting informative/educational and entertaining keynotes, adult learning courses, and learning and development workshops. In addition to earning a position as Professor Emeritus in Communication, he is also a well-known practitioner of effective communication, from public speaking to interpersonal, intercultural, and leadership communication as well as effective active listening in the workplace and other contexts. 

Dr. Edmonds also brings expertise from both the private and public sectors, giving him the somewhat unique ability to effectively speak to groups from diverse backgrounds AND to provide real-world examples and applications of his speech topics and his practices.

When the time comes for you and your organization to schedule a dynamic. witty, and entertaining speaker, you will almost certainly want to increase the energy and engagement of your audience and add Dr. Edmonds to your program!  We would be delighted to hear from you and to block your tentative date(s), dependent upon Larry's availability.

Of course, there is never an obligation for gathering information. 

[email protected]                   


Recent Presentations:

Keynote, National Association of Government Communicators

California School Nurses Organization Annual Conference

Arizona Leading Age  

Corporate Event Marketing Association Summit 

National Association of Government Communicators

Additionally, Edmonds is also the former Director, Education Innovation, Global Listening Centre (GLC) (nonprofit and currently serves on the Advisory Board​ of Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations.

Applying and Communicating JEDI Principles (social Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion): 

Creating and Leading an Empathetic Culture

"GRIT and Resiliency

"Awaken the Hidden Art: Effective Listening for Success in the Workplace and Personal Life"


"Serious Business: Embracing Employees Who are Differently-abled (disabled)"

Your audience members surely expect to be both entertained AND educated in a 30-60-75-minute presentation (keynote and/or session). Dr. Edmonds brings his broad, well-rounded academic knowledge, his lived experiences, and his sense of humor to every keynote and every session he presents.

He has delighted audiences for two decades, which is why he is often asked to return to present on another topic for the same organization!

Just the Speaker for YOUR Next Event

EXACTLY the Speaker for YOUR Next Event